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Raw Nature Retreat | October 23rd-27th 2024

is Europe's first ever raw vegan 80/10/10 retreat with fitness and health in focus.It takes place biannually in the middle of a breathtaking national park only one hour from Barcelona.

If you:

…Want to kickstart your raw vegan journey and learn how to succeed from long term raw vegans.

…are looking to broaden your knowledge about nutrition and how the body works at its best on a raw vegan diet

…are already living a raw vegan lifestyle, and simply want to enhance your knowledge and performance

…love nature as much a we do and want do gift your self with beautiful Spanish sun in the middle of nature,

…want to bring your athletic performance to a higher level, OR are just getting started,

…would like to have one-on-one conversations with Dr. Douglas Graham on our daily Walk ‘n’ Talk sessions,


…are  simply craving luscious fruit, beautiful views and time spend with likeminded people,

...Then we have a treat for you!

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