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Food and Supplemental Whole Foods Products

Let's work together!

Holistic Wellness Strategy sessions
I specialize in Plant Based, Vegan, Raw, GF, DF Foods Prep, Menu Planning, Tours and ....
In- home vegan-plant based hands on food making for your family/ group / individuals
Educational Workshops, Seminars; with a Wellness Team if needed
Water Testing for home and businesses ~ Clean water is a necessity
Doterra Essential Oils ~ Classes, workshops
Isotonix Supplements 
Grocery Tours to find out where the great foods are located
Catering for small office or professional gatherings
Catering to a Retreat where "nourishing the speaker's message is as important as the those receiving it"
Our prices depend on the type of coaching your seeking.
Free Evaluation let's get to know one another
Consults  $85/ Hour
Package of 5 Hours for $375
Monthly Plan - 30 Days -  Consult / 1 Hour Call/ weekly 15 min /zoom/unlimited emails 
Zoom options available
Group Classes - $25 per person 
Menu Items - $10 - $25 per meal
Foods for events and retreats - 
Contact me at Rawsome Living

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