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The 33 Best Vegan Food Products of 2022, According to Nutrition Experts

With the benefits of plant-based eating becoming more pronounced and impactful, it’s no wonder that so many have adopted this type of lifestyle. A growing community of vegans and vegetarians means more demand for high-quality plant-based products that deliver on both nutrition and taste. Gone are the days of boring vegan foods; food manufacturers and even restaurants and fast-food chains are taking notice and bringing innovation to this expanding food category. Experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute's Nutrition Lab test thousands of food products year round to give you the best of the best on both quality and taste. When determining which vegan products made the cut for this year's list, we focused on best-in-class ingredient lists, flavor and innovation. Check out the best vegan food products of 2021, handpicked by Registered Dietitians and taste testers:

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