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LifeWave in the Spotlight

Direct Selling News Bravo Growth Award Recipient

LifeWave has been featured in the June edition of Direct Selling News, highlighting our remarkable achievement of winning the 2024 Direct Selling News Bravo Growth Award. This prestigious award is a testament to our explosive growth and innovation over the past five years.

In the article, you’ll discover the fascinating journey of our founder and CEO, David Schmidt, whose visionary leadership and groundbreaking inventions have driven LifeWave’s success. From pioneering phototherapy technology originally developed for the US Navy evolving LifeWave into a leading life technology company, David's commitment to transforming lives has been unwavering.

The article delves into LifeWave’s significant milestones, including our impressive growth from $20 million in sales in 2018 to over $400 million in 2023—a 2000% increase. You'll learn about our strategic investments that resulted in over 70 patents and a pipeline of groundbreaking products.

David shares insights on maintaining focus on our flagship product, X39, building robust infrastructure, and preparing for future growth. With manufacturing capabilities to support a $1.8 billion company, LifeWave is poised for even greater success.

This achievement would not have been possible without your dedication and support. Our Brand Partners and Customers are the cornerstone of LifeWave's success. Your commitment to our mission and your belief in our products have fueled our growth and inspired us to reach new heights.

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