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Dr. Weber explains LIGHT TECH

Dr. Jerry Weber is a Naturopath doctor who helps people heal naturally. He received his doctorate of naturopathy in 2008 and has been involved in natural health for over thirty years. He practices at Health and Wellness of Carmel in Carmel, Indiana ( He is the founder and co-creator of the Body Balance Healing System, a natural health care system using muscle testing, anatomy and physiology to discover the root cause and correct it naturally. He is also founder and co-creator of InnerGize, an imprinted frequency water product company that offers frequency imprints and tools.( He has written two books, You Can Heal Naturally which is a step by a step procedure of basic, intermediate and advanced muscle testing using the Body Balance healing System, ( The second book is Resurrecting Your Life which addresses the spiritual and mental concepts based on the teachings of Jesus. Dr. Weber is a new addition to the Lifewave team. His personal satisfaction of the product is now being taught to each of his patients. He now believes this technology is the foundation of health.

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