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Boss Babe's Weekly Thursday Networking NEW TIME

Welcome to our weekly Boss Babes Networking event!

**** You do NOT have to register for this meeting to attend.  We are a multi-platform networking group.  Just put the event on your calendar and save the link to the external link.  ****

TO JOIN THE MEETING: to network with fellow Boss Babes and learn about their businesses. Share what you do and what types of referrals you look for.

Meeting format is:-Members are put into breakout rooms to network-There's a "Break the Ice" question to get your conversation started.-You go around the room and introduce yourself. Share that you do and what type of business or referral you are looking for.-After about 20 minutes you rejoin the main group and get put into a different breakout room for another round.-Contact information should include: your name, business name, phone number, email, and website-Click on the three dots (…) at the bottom of the chat transcript before you leave to save the chat. A couple “Cleaning the House” notices as well:-We are here to network.  If you’re just doing a sales pitch and nothing else, and it’s reported to me you’ll be booted out.-Online meeting etiquette is that you have a working video and audio.  If you aren’t showing your live face then you will be requested to once and then booted out (exception is if you’re breast feeding cuz we ladies and we get that…but then we get to see baby pictures because babies are cute…especially if I don’t have to change the diapers!)-NO MEN – You’ll be removed from the room.-We share our emails to network.  Anyone caught SPAMMING the emails will be no longer be allowed in the meetings.

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