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You can have bragging rights forever!👍

Wouldn't you love to be able to tell your friends that you were at the first-ever Florida Vegan

Wellness Retreat?


That tidbit will earn you bragging rights for the rest of your life.


The FVWR is destined to grow.  


And who is going to have the honor of giving the Keynote Address?


You guessed it, none other than yours truly.  :)


This event is going to be a blast.


Definitely unique, there will be nothing like this retreat in the entire world.


The entire approach, and focus, takes a fresh new approach to how a raw vegan health retreat can be organized, and what it can offer.


We will have tracks especially designed to help beginners succeed, and programs for those of you with loads of experience.


Of course we will offer food demos, lectures, Q&A, fitness classes and so much more.


South Florida is one of the prime mango centers of the world, and the FVWR is at the peak of prime mango season!  


The food will be incredible, by anyone's standards, even the most discerning 811 raw fooders.


I sure hope I see you at the FVWR this June 28-July 1.


Just click on the link:


And here's the best news, add in the code: Graham100 and you will automatically receive a $100 discount off of the registration fee!



Once you register, email me. :)  Let's make plans to share a meal together.



In health,


Dr D

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