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WE’VE ALL STRUGGLED with applying 811 so that it works perfectly in our lives. But what can you do?

If you are not subscribed to our FoodnSport newsletter, you might have missed the great news that FoodnSport has a new event on offer: A four-week intensive retreat rich with education, fitness, food, and nature, at a location next to a beautiful lake in Nicaragua.

It’s called “Optimize Your Life” and takes place in Nicaragua in January of 2024

You’ll learn how to:

Gain complete control over your weight. Recognize and overcome all digestive concerns. Build your health and put your symptoms behind you. Obtain the best fruit in your area. Spend less on your food. Keep your kitchen in 5-star condition, with no fruit flies. Create a custom program to build the physique of your dreams. Take the best possible care of yourself. Develop skills!

Go home fitter, healthier, happier, and with much better lifestyle habits than when you arrived, knowing how to create your optimum life.

You will be well on your way toward replacing fitness, physique, and food issues with an endless stream of realized goals, high productivity, and boundless motivation.

“I've created a unique lecture series and will deliver it in a style I've invented that is sure to "wow" you.

Expect to learn like crazy, have a blast, eat great food, and make a ton of friends while getting fitter than you've been in a long time.

For the next week, until July 17, I am offering a ridiculous "early bird special," but for the first few registrants only.

I'm hoping to see you in Hygiene Heaven where you can Optimize Your Life.

Expect HEALTH!,

Dr D”

Early bird pricing only until Monday, July 17

Please share with anyone who might be interested!

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