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Serbian Fruit Festival 2024

LAST CHANCE to meet me in Serbia! Read below 👇 I met Marina from Health Glows - Transition to a Raw Food Diet Coaching almost 15 years ago, when she interned at my Costa Rica fast. She was an excellent student... and had very particular ideas about ambiance, presentation, cleanliness, and other qualities that affect your overall experience of a meal. She went on to offer a wide variety of educational programs, which have culminated in The Serbian Fruit Fest. Registration is about to close! Your last chance 👉 Marina and I were running an event in Serbia some months back, and every morning we did some strength training at the gym of The President Hotel. Almost a month went by before the thought of running a fruit festival out of the hotel hit either of us. Turns out, it is an excellent idea! Management has been incredibly kind and friendly toward us. This one is going to be special, folks. And now that Marina has brought onboard Chef Shari Leiterman to run the kitchen, we are in for a very special treat indeed. Shari first worked for me in 1988, and over the past 5 years she has been the head chef at all my retreats. The setting is fantastic, the food terrific, the rooms wonderful, the education totally 811 and congruent, and the amenities simply will not be surpassed at any fruit festival. If you're even thinking of attending the Serbian Fruit Festival, or you just want to find out more, click on the link below, or at the top of this post. Dr D


Registration closes very soon, so act now! #rawvegan #fruitfestival #lakepalic #801010 #fitness #vegan

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