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Paul Wesley – A Vegan Vampire Speaks Out

Updated: Feb 11

Animals around the world need our voice to speak up for them and advocate for their rights. We can all take a stand against injustice and help those that need it. This is especially crucial for people with large social media platforms that can use their voice to promote causes they truly believe in, such as veganism and following a plant-based diet. Paul Wesley, an American actor, producer, and director whose parents immigrated from Poland, regularly takes a stand against animal abuse and exploitation. He rose to fame in the supernatural drama series Vampire Diaries and has endorsed the Plant Based Treaty.

"I've signed the Plant Based Treaty because Animal Farming has obliterated our beautiful forests and animals beyond recognition. We need to shift to vegan diets to protect our rivers, oceans, airs and soils. It's time to mobilize and organize in our communities to put pressure on our elected officials to negotiate a global Plant Based Treaty and avoid planetary collapse." - Paul Wesley.

This talented actor and passionate activist fights for the rights of animals, raises awareness and encourages others to make a change. Here are five ways Wesley is making a difference for animals that will inspire you to do the same. 

And hey, if vampires can be vegan, we can all follow in his footsteps.

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